Instagram #11

Before I’d even published Instagram #10, I had already built up enough images for another Instagram post. For those of you not familiar with my method of dealing with Instagram images, it’s simple: I can sometimes take quite a lot of pictures with the app, so whenever I build up a batch of nine great images, ones worth sharing, I wrap them up here for all to see.

It doesn’t always work out that way, of course. Instagram #3 contained a bumper set of twenty-seven images because I’d allowed a batch of pictures to build up, and Instagram #9 had six new photos appended to it just before publishing because I’d taken a few extra good ones between the time I collated the nine for the post and the time the post was ready to publish. But I’m now trying to be a little more strict on the whole ‘nine images to a post’ rule.

This set contains some of my favourite Instagram images – I’m sure I’ve said that on previous posts, but sometimes the best images I take are ones where I’m not distracted by having a full DSLR. My favourites from this set are the last two: a sunrise near the station at Twickenham, and an angled shot of the London Studios at the South Bank.

If you like these, you can follow me on Instagram – @CousinDirk – or follow my Tumblr page, where I post most of my Instagram images.

2 thoughts on “Instagram #11

  1. Rain on the window is my favourite!


    1. Oh good, because I think there’ll probably be a similarish sort of shot in Instagram #12!


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