My name is Rob and I am, when the mood takes me, a hobbyist photographer.

I started this site in 2011in order to help give me the motivation to take and post pictures with my to-that-point lesser used DSLR I had gotten for Christmas a few years previously.

It worked, and before long I was even taking special journeys to places just for photography. If you’re interested in my progression as a writer and photographer on this site, the Housekeeping tag will probably give you an idea.

The majority of the posts on this blog are the results of my trips out with my camera. Most of the time I stumble into photo-taking opportunities whilst out somewhere, but on occasion I do set out to achieve something specific (the photo to the left being the result of one such time). I am trying to learn new things, experimenting a little by myself, and occasionally attempting to emulate work by other photographers I’ve found either via blogs or Flickr. Many of the posts here chart my intentions and results as I play about with this hobby.

I don’t limit myself to any one type of photography; in fact, I’m keen on experimenting with all sorts of photography, from landscapes to portraits to nature and wildlife to macro to sports to still life. I enjoy it all, for various reasons, and have varying degrees of success in them. The point is, I enjoy the trying, and the documenting of the results.

Me, at the age of abut 3 or 4, with a (toy) camera

I’ve been taking photographs for about as long as I remember. I don’t exactly recall when it was that my dad handed me down his old point-and-shoot 35mm film camera, but I remember using it on holidays when I was I don’t know how old, but probably in the single digits. I can’t even remember what the pictures were like or what they were of (well, they were of Dorset, we holidayed there frequently when I was younger, and indeed I still do today), but I enjoyed taking them.

This blog isn’t all about photography, however. Creative Splurges is a blog intended for any of my creativity, so alongside photos you will, on occasion, find posts containing creative writing, videography, and even drawings. I’ll be honest – it’s mainly photography, but don’t be surprised if I, for instance, dig out a comic I drew in the early 90s and share it with you. Feel free to browse around the categories and take a look, and if you like what you see, please subscribe or ‘like’ this blog on Facebook. I also strongly encourage you to post comments, it means a lot that you are offering critique on the photos, even if it’s just a quick ‘cool story, bro’.

On a personal note I live in Sussex in the southern United Kingdom, with my wife, son and multiple cats, although I spent the formative eight years of this site living in Twickenham so you’ll find a decent amount of content is from that neck of the woods.

And finally, a quick note on using my photographs. Most of the photos here are protected by Creative Commons licensing. The exact license is noted in the sidebar. So if you want to use one of my photos, please credit me with a link back here, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could drop me a line and let me know about it, and I love to see my photography being used and, above all, looked at. That’s what the photos are for, after all. Most of the photos are shrunk down to go on this site, so if you want to use a higher res version, drop me a line at rob@creativesplurges.com letting me know what you want to use it for. Please see the legal information page for more information.

Cheers, and thank you for checking out this site.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m a creative type too – photography, writing, art (acrylics and water colour), cooking, etc. I have many interests and my blog represents my diverse interests. I look forward to following your journey. The UK is one of my favourite places to visit so I look forward to seeing it through a local’s eye.


    1. Thank you, I hope I don’t disappoint! Good to know I’m also reaching people far from where I live but slightly worrying to note this technically makes me an ambassador for my town, city and country! :O


  2. Hi Rob

    I really like your photos, an area I too have always been interested but had varying degrees of success with (By success I mean really good pictures, not published or sold) Your blog has inspired me to go out and take pictures again and as I do travel around the UK, these should be varied subjects. I intend to add them to my blog so we will have to see


    1. Being Freshly Pressed is about as successful how my photos have gotten so far, not made a penny or had anything published either. Hopefully one day (or several days, I’d rather not have just one day of selling photos, I doubt that would be financially viable).

      I wish you well in your photographic endeavour, hope you have the luck I’ve managed to have! I’ll keep an eye out for your work.

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. Cool stuff – a bit similar to my blog entries with various trips out and about with my camera. 🙂



  4. I especially liked the black and white shots and the rainbow.


    1. Thank you! I’m really enjoying shooting black and white!


  5. I’m new to the blogging world but yours caught my eye right away. I love seeing your beautiful photos and they keep me motivated to keep up my own posts!


    1. Thank you! I really don’t know how to express how it feels to know I’m inspiring people, but it means a lot to me.


  6. Well, that’s kind of what we do, get a reaction from people. I try to make them laugh or think OMG, I do that too! We’re all unique but have many of the same experiences. Some of us just can’t help writing about them.


  7. Very nicely written. Look forward to seeing much more of your images and words.


    1. Thanks. Hope you enjoy what is to come!


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