Instagram #10

It’s an interesting time for Instagram. It’s made the news recently by being bought by Facebook for a whole billion dollars. A billion dollars, for an app distributed free without ads and with no real revenue stream.

I still love Instagram; it is essentially Twitter for images, which removes the language barrier and lets people the whole world over share in a more universal form of communication: images (I won’t say completely universal; the ways we interpret colour can vary tremendously between cultures and isn’t as universal as you might think).

I’m not entirely sure I like this whole Facebook takeover. Although Mark Zuckerberg has promised that Instagram will continue to be developed independently of Facebook, time will tell if that one turns out to be true or just a cynical ploy to keep the users around for as long as possible.

For now, I’m sticking it out; I can’t stop using one of my favourite apps just like that. That doesn’t mean I’m not considering other programs if Instagram were to start losing what makes it such a great program to use, or backing up my photos should Facebook’s sometimes questionable copyright or end user policy begin creeping into Instagram’s.

By which I mean of course, it’s time once again for another selection of my favourite Instagram shots I’ve then over the last month or so since my last Instagram post.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m really pleased with this set. There’s a bit of variety (only two sun event shots) and even a bit of stealthily snapping someone on the train, which is a whole can of worms I’m not too ready to open fully just yet, but which Trevor Coultart has already begun to consider.

Enjoy, and if you like these, check out the Instagram category for the rest of the Instagram series.

2 thoughts on “Instagram #10

  1. Nice! I like the woman on the train shot the best.


  2. Instagram might just be the one iPhone app I use religiously, so hopefully I can keep using it for as long as possible. Your sunset (sunrise?) photos are beautiful 🙂


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