Instagram #3: Special Bumper Edition

When I first started putting collections of my Instagram images on this blog, I figured it would probably take a week or so to build up the nine images I had decided would constitute a ‘batch’. I thought that a 3×3 grid of the colourful images that are usually made by Instagram’s filters would look neatly presentable and not be too overloading for the casual viewer.

Although I was originally pretty accurate – it did take a couple of weeks to build up a second batch – unfortunately this week I’ve been on a bit of a bender, as any of you who follow my Twitter feed or know me on Facebook will have seen from the numerous images appearing in their feeds.

In light of the amount of images I’m currently producing, I’ve decided it would be best for most people if I only posted the cream of the crop to Facebook and Twitter, and left the rest for my Instagram feed, and ultimately for posting here (that way those of you without Instagram actually might have a surprise when you view these posts). I begun this a little today, with slightly fewer images making it to Facebook etc.

Hopefully, my future Instagram posts will return to sensible batches of nine. However, in order to clear what could easily end up a backlog, I present no less than 27 of my latest, all taken since Monday morning. Despite there being so many images taken in such a relatively short space of time, I actually think this crop are some of the best I’ve done.

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