IMG_8169 (1)Don’t worry. I’m still here. March may have proven to be only the second entirely barren month in the history of this blog, but I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. Last September, the only other month where I failed to post anything, it was part of a period of doing very little in general, where work was kicking my arse and I wasn’t shooting or editing anything. I admit, work has gotten in the way a bit this month, but for the most part it has been shooting and editing that has kept me busy.

The best thing is, one of the big reasons I’ve been so busy is that halfway through March, around the time I was finishing editing some of the stuff I’d already shot that month, I was asked back to the Greenwood Theatre to shoot a show, this time by one of the student groups – who were apparently prepared to pay for the privilege. Queue an evening shooting a lot of frames and the last two weeks editing the hell out of them. I only finished them at the weekend, too late to turn in a post here before March ended.

In February’s monthly roundup I suggested March would be a bit more interesting. Obviously that didn’t quite work out as I intended. Despite this I’m still intending for April to be a pretty full month, with the posts I was planning for March. Just… don’t quote me on that. Just in case.

2 thoughts on “March

  1. great to have you back Sir


    1. Thanks Scott! You might also be interested to know, that was the 1,000th comment on this blog, meaning you win… well, not much I’m afraid, other than an appreciation for your continuing contribution to this blog. Which is priceless like a mother’s love rather than the good kind of priceless, But still.


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