Well it’s been a bit of a useless month. There isn’t really a lot to say about September, since there wasn’t technically any posts. It’s been a bit of a tough month for a variety of reasons, and here really isn’t the place to go into all of them.

It’s very difficult to explain things without sounding like I’m making excuses. This is not my intention; it is important to me to clear up what has caused a completely dry month in the hope that these things can be avoided.

Not all of these are avoidable, of course. The start of the month saw me working flat out at work on a major video project, the result of which I should be able to share with you in October when it is released online. Unfortunately as soon as work on that finished Grand Theft Auto V came out, and it turns out it’s a bit addictive. Wait, I think that one is an excuse.

Everything else is basically down to me. It seems to be about this time of year my concentration and drive goes a bit. I guess it’s because I work in a higher education institution and late August/early September is the transition period from a quiet summer into a busy term. My wife has also been home a lot more than usual recently and this has thrown my old routine out of kilter. Previously I would arrive home an hour and a half before my wife, giving me ample time to get into working on things before she got home. With her home when I get in it was always easier to keep her company and not get into working. Do that enough days running and the old routine is completely lost and is hard to get back into. And that’s been the crux of it all I think: I’ve let my routine crumble, and with it sitting down at my computer to edit photos and write posts starts to feel a lot more like ‘work’. As much as I would love to one day call all this ‘work’, right now there’s no I have to do this. Throw in being busy at work and addicted to a computer game like a teenager and suddenly September has slipped me by completely.

I’ve managed to keep The Daily Photo ticking over for the most part, partly because there is a ‘have to do this‘ inherent in that blog’s mission statement. Despite that I still missed a day, and given the circumstances it didn’t feel right to backdate one, so The Daily Photo officially missed a day in September. It still had 140 hits in September, up from 98 the previous month. Creative Splurges, meanwhile, had 289 hits, only 8 less than August, a month which, you know, had posts. I think it’s been helped a bit by the Greenwood Theatre, who still seems to be sending hits my way. My Flickr account has been pretty active lately too, getting quite a lot of hits – hundreds a day in some cases – from nowhere in particular.

The most important thing is October. How am I going to avoid Septembering October? For a start, I’ve cued up over a week’s worth of Daily Photos so I’ve removed that distraction. I’m also off work all week whilst my landlord has a new kitchen installed, and I’m using the time to edit photos and trying to avoid procrastination. I’m doing some shooting – some of my trips are remarked upon in my Twitter feed, stream or on the Creative Splurges Facebook page – but am just gradually working my way through a backlog of images that at times feels overwhelming but I’m determined to finish processing. There might also be some new toys involved.

I’m working on it.

Thanks for reading – at least when I give you something to read.

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