1/125, f/4.5, ISO 320, 105mm

There isn’t a whole lot to say about February. There was only one post. In fact, I was contemplating not even publishing a monthly roundup for February and up until a few hours ago I was knuckling down editing photos to post in March instead, figuring that would be a more constructive use of my time. But, it feels wrong to not mark the passing of the month in my usual fashion, and it helps keep my mind and my fingers in writing mode whilst I sort out some pictures to post.

The problem, it seems, is planning. I started January with a clear idea of the posts I wanted to publish, helped along the way by shooting some new material during the month. As February started, I’d run out of ‘obvious’ posts and was met with the sudden realisation that, for all my complaining, my backlog isn’t actually all that long any more – it just contains some big sets that require the editing of thousands of images each. February also proved to be a busy month; I went out a fair bit, sadly to not much really photographable, but I do think I took more photographs than I edited in February, which is a bit of a turnaround as of late. I plan to post most of those in March, and by having a clear idea of what I want to publish the month should be a bit more interesting.

1/80, f/5, ISO 200, 180mm

The one post that did make it out in February contained photographs that were almost exactly a year old, and one of my first and few forays into street photography. I was pretty happy with the shots I got, and was almost surprised to see them – they’d spent the best part of the last year hiding as a suffix to my first London Fashion Weekend set and I’d completely forgotten about them. Ironically, they were found and edited not long after I’d made some fresher inroads with street photography – but those will be along in March.

I’ve now reached the alarming point where I can’t rely on pictures I’ve already taken when I want to post on this blog. There are just a few sets that remain in that backlog of mine, but they’ll take a lot of work to get ready for showing and will need to be split across multiple posts. The challenge is to manage to do that whilst still shooting and publishing the smaller sets and keeping this blog active. That’s March’s task.

3 thoughts on “February

  1. Looking forward to March’s posts then! February’s a short month anyway. It’s a good time as any to take it easy (not that you actually did seeing as you were just busy doing other things)


    1. Ah now, I said there’d be posts in March, I never said they’d be any good (I like them, but that’s not usually an accurate measure of such things).


      1. Haha don’t worry, I won’t pay attention to your opinion then. I’ll make my own mind up (and still look forward to seeing them) 😉


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