Instagram #12

I tend to fall behind a bit with posting Instagram collections these days. Sure, I had quite a lull late last year with Instagram – there was a six-month break between Instagram #8 and Instagram #9 – but that coincided with a break in using the app too. Nowadays I’m still using it pretty heavily, but don’t seem to get around to posting the collections as frequently as I should.

The idea behind these Instagram posts was always to present the best of the images I upload to Instagram; not all of them, but a selection that I felt good enough to stand alongside the other images on this blog. And always – with two exceptions – in batches of nine images. To that end, here are nine of the best since last we saw an Instagram post. I’m pretty sure I already have another nine good enough to make the next cut, so hopefully (a word that I often use to mean, ‘I intend to do it currently, but I might forget by the time I get round to it’) the next one will be along slightly more expediently than the last.

4 thoughts on “Instagram #12

  1. What is your Instagram name? I’d like to follow.


    1. Hi J

      My Instagram name is CousinDirk (same as my Twitter name). A lot of my Instagram images also get posted to my Tumblr.


  2. Until I saw your stuff, I thought Instagram was just an excuse to post images that normally would get thrown away 😉 Way to raise the bar!


    1. To be honest Jon that’s how I first started out, but since then I’ve come to realise that Instagram is great way of adding the polish to an image that is sometimes lost by using a smartphone camera. This is why I’m often not that keen to see images from a DSLR put through Instagram (although I admittedly have been guilty of doing that in the past).


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