Instagram #8

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these Instagram selections. This is less a slowing down of my using of Instagram and more an increase in my quality control – I used to post one of these after every nine images, now I wait until nine (moderately) decent images are good to go before making a post.

Also I forgot.

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3 thoughts on “Instagram #8

  1. Are you using a tilt-shift in 4 and 9? Sure have some interesting DOF


    1. I used artificial tilt-shift in 4, 6 and 9. All of these were snapped with an iPhone; I fear adding true TS capability is not high on Apple’s list of priorities!

      I’m actually working on a post about the iPhone apps I use for photography, which will be along sooner or later.


      1. I’m also quite tempted to hire a proper Canon TS lens and have a play about with it. The only problem with that is that if I fall in love, I’d have to find at least £1,000 to be able to buy one!


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