Sights and Sounds of London Town

This post is one I’ve been planning for quite a while. In fact, this post was originally created back in July, when the idea came to me and the best way I could think of to remember it was to start a new post with the title so I wouldn’t forget it – that and, it has a hint of an obligation to actually do it.

And thus, I have done it – or rather, I have started it. I see this project as an ongoing one, one I will return to in the future.

The Sights and Sounds of London Town – named for the Richard Thompson song – is a project documenting London in pictures. The idea is to try to capture not just the obvious bits of the city, but some of the sights that aren’t always seen by the tourists (on a pedantic note, this entry is only photographs, so there won’t be any sounds in this one, but I haven’t ruled out the possibility of video elements down the road).

For my first trip out, I didn’t head too far off the beaten path, although I did still cover over six miles on foot in a single day, wandering around not really caring where I ended up. Having not spent much time photographing London I felt I needed to get some of the ‘touristy’ stuff out of my system, but I’ve still yielded some results that I’m quite proud of. I’ve done quite a lot more post-processing of my images this time (there is a both a photo-stitched panorama and a HDR image in this set), and experimented with some different sorts of photography than I usually do.

Check out the gallery below for the images. For any regulars, I’ve decided to go for the gallery option instead of my usual format because the images should stand on their own without context. Don’t worry, normal service will be resumed in the next post.

2 thoughts on “Sights and Sounds of London Town

  1. Another neat post of photos. London is such a picture-perfect environment. I love to write and I read a magazine article about the top ten cities that every writer must visit before they die and London was on the list. It seems like such an inspirational and creative place. Great work!


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