Can you believe it, it’s already been a year?

Back on January 14th 2011 I started this blog with a simple post outlining my – admittedly very vague – intentions. I openly admit that at the time I had no idea where I wanted to be going with this blog, or how I was going to achieve my aims. All I knew is that I wanted to spend more time creating (I never did get round to looking up those synonyms).

One year, 67 posts, 1,509 uploaded images, and who knows how many words later (I would love to know, but apparently to find out I’d have to count them myself), this blog is not just still going, but helping define who I am. It motivates me to go out with my camera, and take the best pictures I can, knowing that there are actually people reading this blog. Not many, I’ll admit – there are eight email subscribers, and three Facebook followers, one of whom is me – but there are enough of you out there to keep me going.

So, this post is to say thank you. Thank you for helping me develop this funny little hobby of mine.

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