New year, new changes

As some of my more astute reader(s) may have noticed, there are a few new things going on around here. It’s all part of my new year rejuvenation (by which I mean I’ll probably be bored of it all by February).

Firstly, I have completely rewritten both the About page and the “my Kit” page. Both were beginning to look dated and underdeveloped and now they actually provide more than the barest information.

Creative Splurges also now has a Facebook page. I’m still playing about with how it can be used to provide additional content to anyone who ‘likes’ it but for now it is primarily another way of keeping up with the posts on this site. Feel free to head on over to or click the link in the sidebar.

Finally, I’m currently considering a new theme. The old one is beginning to tire on me; I’m starting to dislike the ‘modern’ headline font compared to the more formal post font, and the off-white ‘parchment’ now looks unclean to my eyes, so I’m eying up themes that are cleaner, whiter, and more elegant, which I think would be better.

This is where you, the reader, comes in, because ultimately you are the one I’m aiming this site at, not me.  Below is the current frontrunner alongside the existing theme. Let me know in the comments which you prefer. That’s right, this just got interactive. Bring on the future! (I should add, the current Twitter vote is 1-0 in favour of the existing theme).

3 thoughts on “New year, new changes

  1. I like typography, I like grids. I like the second one better for the typography, but I’m wondering if a serif font suits you and your style? I think eventually, despite all of the themes out there I may have to crack the CSS on my site to get the look I want. Maybe you too?


  2. I do actually prefer the serif fonts. The right font can make all the difference, and most of the sans serif-based themes I’ve seen always look a bit lacking. However, as it is possible to gain access to the CSS of the blog, you can theoretically change the font to anything you like. I have been tempted occasionally to edit the CSS of this blog, but I simply don’t know enough about CSS to do it (I have a self-hosted WordPress blog as well in which I have complete access to the CSS of, but I get lost with anything but the most basic of edits. I tend to combine the little I know of HTML with the little I know – or perhaps knew – of the C programming language, and hope that what I change has the desired effect).

    Part of the issue is my posts tend to be quite text-heavy, as well as containing a lot of images, and there doesn’t seem to be all that many blog themes that do both perfectly. The ‘photography’ themes deal with text terribly, the ones intended for text with the odd picture can look pretty awful when I try it on this blog (and that’s ignoring the ones that just look terrible no matter what you’re posting).

    I have been browsing around this site with the ‘new’ theme and I must say it does seem better than the old version, at least to my eyes, ad the font seems to work really quite well with the content.


  3. I have the same issues. I don’t have a photography blog so much as I write articles about photography, so I need an article theme.
    I do know quite a bit of CSS, and I’m constantly tempted to roll up my sleeves and just make a nice grid-based theme.


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