London Sunrise

It is a beautiful sunny morning in London (note to self: need to look up synonyms for beautiful. And some antonyms just in case). My daily commute involves walking (or occasionally getting the bus, as the mood takes me) across Waterloo Bridge, one of the longest in London and one with the best views, with Big Ben and the London Eye to the West, and St Paul’s to the East.

The sun was rising just at the right time this morning as I crossed, so I couldn’t help but grab my iPhone and take some photos.

London SkylineThe London Skyline is one of the most recognisable in the world. In this shot you can clearly make out St Paul’s, the Gherkin, the horrifically ugly Guy’s Tower, and the brand new Shard beginning to stand out.

Somerset House

Somerset House was also catching the orange morning glow of the sun. I could type something about how it’s Valentine’s Day and the city is glowing but I think I would vomit.


London Skyline (HDR)To round this off on a more technical note, I also used the iPhone 4’s built-in HDR processing (I’m thinking I might look into some of the more impressive third party options at some point) to take a snap. It seems to bring more life into the boats and the river, which is good, but also removed some of the silhouetting on the buildings, which isn’t.

Tilt shift London

Finally, I took the photo and run it through the Tilt Shift Generator app, to give a macro feel to the image, and came up with a result I really rather like.

The slideshow below includes all of the pictures I took, including a HDR version of Somerset House.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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