Some Favourite Photos


One other project that has kept me busy over the last week or so has been going through all of my photographs – yes, all 5,000 of them – to pick out my absolute favourites. 116 have made the original cut, some dating back to when I was taking photos with a shoddy little point-and-shoot camera that took manual zoom to its ultimate extreme – in order to zoom in, you actually had to move closer to the object you were trying to photograph.

I’m very proud of these photos, which represent not so much photos of memories, but photos which should need no explanation. There still is explanation, of course, because I like doing that bit.

The photos are all located over at this site’s parent blog, Eagle-eyed viewers might note a few sneak advance photographs of my honeymoon from last September, which haven’t actually been published anywhere else yet (nor have the wedding photos, for that matter, but they are coming soon, honest).

This selection is one I intend to add to if (it would be more optimistic to say when) I take any more that I think are good enough for the honour roll.

I would also love to know your thoughts on them. I’m needy like that.

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