Instagram #22

It’s time once again for another short and sweet collection of some of my Instagram imagery (and also, to figure out a way of starting these Instagram posts without continually using the phrase “it’s time…”).

This twenty-second instalment of Instagram shots is another varied collection with a few familiar themes: public transport (which got its own set a while ago) and cats (who often end up in my pictures). Both play a big part, with a diverted journey home contributing shots of Embankment Underground Station and Richmond Station (which I usually only visit when something’s gone wrong with my commute home) and a picture of Freddie showing me who really wears the trousers forming half of this set.

The rest is filled out by a couple of interesting shots of some of the buildings where I work, a random desk interestingly lit in a room, a view of a bridge I’ve passed dozens and dozens of times but never really looked at before, and an early morning shot of the Moon setting over the Twickenham Pavilion, a huge temporary structure erected at Twickenham Stadium for the Rugby World Cup.

As ever, feel free to check out my other Instagram posts or even follow me on Instagram itself.


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