Instagram #17: Public Transport

My previously published work from Instagram has consisted of sixteen random assortments of images originally posted in roughly chronological order, until the backlog on those became as big and unmanageable as my backlog of DSLR photography. I haven’t actually posted anything from Instagram to this blog in over nine months, despite still using it reasonably regularly (you can follow me on Instagram here, if you like), which is why I regard my Instagram ‘backlog’ as an archive these days (it is, after all, all online already, at the aforementioned link). At some point it got big enough that it was tricky to keep track of what I’d already posted, and to tell between what images I’d decided not to post, and which ones I just hadn’t got round to posting yet.

So, at least for this post, I’ve decided to forego my usual post structure of nine random images, and throw a bunch of images together tied by a collective theme. As I’m often using my iPhone for public photography (at least until my iPhone camera gives out completely; it’s gradually degrading and Apple want enough money to fix it that you start thinking how far that’d go towards a new lens for a ‘real’ camera), I have a great set of images taken on public transport so I decided that would be the theme. In the assortment below we have buses, the London Underground, trains, stations and people. There’s quite a lot of perspective shots here as that is what often catches my eye on platforms, but a lot of them I honestly think are better than what I’ve gotten with my DSLR recently. Indeed, for quite a few of these shots I’d love to go back and have another go at taking them with my DSLR.

If you like this lot, then make sure you check out the rest of my Instagram posts, some of which have the odd photograph from public transport here and there.


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2 thoughts on “Instagram #17: Public Transport

  1. Great set of images, Rob! 🙂


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