Instagram #18

It’s time once again for a little foray into the contents of my Instagram account. I’ve not really been using Instagram a whole lot lately, mainly because my iPhone’s camera is mostly ruined by purple splotches and dark patches and a general yellowish tint on everything. It kind of takes the joy out of shooting when what you can see and are trying to capture is not reflected at all in the resulting image.

Despite this, I still have a bit of an archive of images I’ve posted there that are worth sharing here, excluding the occasional DSLR image uploaded to the service for attention (everything I’ve included in any of the 18 Instagram sets I’ve posted on Creative Splurges has been shot and edited on an iPhone. Uploading DSLR shots to Instagram feels like cheating to me, so if I’ve uploaded any they’re always clearly marked as such).

Unlike my last set, which was built on the theme of public transport, this is back to my more traditional assortment of images, so here we have everything from London landmarks through antique theatre seats and cats to interesting lighting, before going back through landmarks and returning to cats. Which I guess shouldn’t be that surprising.

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2 thoughts on “Instagram #18

  1. I still enjoy IG and recently did the same as you an update post – I use a mix of both my iphone shots and DSLR stuff (often the iphone is better than the DSLR


    1. Intagram has improved greatly since it first arrived – it now has lot of really useful editing tools, even if you don’t want to slap a filter on your image. iPhone shots, however, just seem to work better (maybe it’s because a lot of DSLR shots don’t look quite right cropped into a square).


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