59sec, f/22, ISO 100, 24mmAs far as months go, June has been the busiest here on Creative Splurges since January. Even better for me personally, most of the posts this month have seen me experimenting with new techniques, and not entirely unsuccessfully at that. I’ve dipped into my archive for sure, but only one post dated back to before 2014. That said my archive still has a whole load of images in it and I’ll continue to work my way through them from time to time. My policy of working on whichever images appeal to me the most seems to be working well at the moment so I’m sticking with that.

IMG_0026The first post in June was More Bubbles, essentially a sequel to 2012’s Bubbles. My nieces and nephew and the other children in my circle of friends all seem to love chasing bubbles around gardens, and it turns out they look really photogenic whilst they’re at it. Unlike the first bubble post, this time I wasn’t playing about with fill flash or anything else, I was just shooting for the fun of it. Despite this, I got some great shots, and when I got a selection of 200 of my favourite images printed as 6’x4’s earlier this month there were a couple from this set in the pile.

1/250sec, f/4.5, ISO 2500, 130mm

More Bubbles was followed up by the main archival post of the month, Lemurs and Marsupials. This is my penultimate post from my trip to Woburn in autumn 2012 (if you want to know what’s in the final post, my only clue is it contains animals that I haven’t posted pictures of yet). The trip to Woburn was all about getting closer to animals than usual, and with the lemurs we got closer than anything else. Close enough to have one crawling over my shoulders and to have another soil the top of my camera bag (although as I’ve previously noted, it is a particularly resilient camera bag). It turned out to be a pretty decent set despite it being taken at the end of a tiring day with fading light, and (depending on your animals preferences) lacking a little the ‘wow’ factor of lions or tigers (although arguably on par with the monkeys).

IMG_0596The next post was the first of my experiments in the month, as I took my new neutral density filter down to Peveril Point in Dorset to play about with some long exposures. I’d been wanting to get down there from the point I started thinking that I might like to buy an ND filter. The results were not stellar, but they were very promising, and I’ll definitely be returning to play about some more at some point. Indeed, I’m also looking at getting a non-variable, slightly stronger ND filter to get around some of the problems I’ve seen. I’ll also have to try shooting with it further away from midday when there’s a bit less light.

1/80sec, f/4, ISO 4000, 40mm

Random London II was the next semi-archival post of the month (I say semi-archival as the content was from February, which in my head is still not that long ago). Chronologically it was a little out of place as it contained some of the earlier steps on my wanders in street photography, before Hipsters in the Wild, which took place a fair bit later but was posted back in May. This is the one downside to my ‘post photos in whatever order appeals to me’ stratagem: posting chronologically helps show my learning curve.

54sec, f/22, ISO 100, 24mm

After Random London II I returned to long exposures with my ND filter, this time a little bit closer to home on the Twickenham Riverside. I’m guessing there was less light on this day because I was able to get much longer exposures this time compared to at Peveril Point, getting much closer to the sorts of images I was hoping to achieve. It hasn’t sated my desire to get a stronger filter, but I definitely seem to be improving. Eventually it’ll be another part of my repertoire. One of the things I really like about the post is that halfway through I made an unscheduled twist into street photography, my other recent area of development. Both halves worked pretty well in their respective genres, I think. The post also marked the first time I’ve really played about with my Triggertrap, a little toy I bought a while ago and haven’t really played with much yet.

1/2000sec, f/4, ISO 125, 32mm

The last post of the month was Milking a Splash. If you can get past the dodgy title – a lame attempt at twisting ‘making a splash’ – and the fact that there’s an image of me pouring tropical Fanta into a bowl of cereal which is a bit nauseating, this is another post of me trying something new and emulating techniques detailed elsewhere, and showing promise if not decent results. This is something else I’ll return to at some point in the future once I figure out what I need to change from last time (I made several suggestions in the post itself but I suspect there’s more to be fiddled with).

I don’t currently have any shooting lined up for July (although I have scheduled a photography date for October already), but I do have some experiments I want to do at home, and I’m sure I’ll be wandering out somewhere with my ND filter at some point. I still have enough in my archive to keep me trundling over, but I often need to keep reminding myself that there aren’t as many pictures in the vaults as I seem to think there are.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

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