Time-lapse experiment

Last week I downloaded a stop motion creator app for my iPhone. In doing so I had aspirations of animating inanimate objects, Lego men or some such thing. I still do, but that will hopefully come later.

The app lets you either make a noise to lock in a frame, or set it to update once every so many seconds. Playing about with the app I soon realised that it could double as a time-lapse capture device by leaving it on its automatic setting for a length of time.

So at the weekend, I set up my GorillaPod with my iPhone on it (finally having a legitimate excuse for the Glif iPhone tripod mount I bought last year), plugged it into the mains, and just before going to bed set it capturing at one frame every 20 seconds.

The next morning I took my phone and outputted the footage at 12 frames a second (annoyingly the highest frame rate the app will produce). I attempted putting it through Motion for an optical flow analysis to smooth out the frames and motion a bit but it didn’t seem to work (this might be to me using the project settings wrongly, however).

The end result takes a little while to get going, and unfortunately you can’t see the sun breaking the horizon from my window, but there is promise there that, given the right subject, I could get some interesting results. The full video is below, if you just want to see the breaking of the dawn and not the night actions of my neighbours, jump forward to about 1:50.

(the weird flashing lights in the sky towards the end of the video, by the way, are planes on the approach to Heathrow)

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