London in Mid-afternoon

One of the most depressing things about winter is realising at the end of your lunch break that the sun is already making pretty obvious machinations for the horizon.

The advantage of this however is that during your lunch break you get the chance to take some interesting photographs, even if, as is often the case, your iPhone is the only camera you have on you.

As I noted last week, I’m currently insisting on getting outside for my lunch as weather permits, and yesterday I wandered about in the general direction of Trafalgar Square.

Once again, the iPhone 4 is showing itself to be a versatile camera. I might start getting increasingly jealous of my wife’s iPhone 4S if I keep on going out at lunch and taking photos (although I’m already looking towards the ‘iPhone 5’ or whatever it ends up being called).

As I headed back along Waterloo Bridge (past the scene of a bit of a silly incident), the sun cast some even more impressive rays.

One of the most common issues I find when shooting with the iPhone is that a lot of the images, when shared (especially by email), sometimes come out upside down. I haven’t been able to figure out why but I can only assume it’s some kind of bug with iOS. Hopefully it’s something that will be fixed in the future as it can sometimes cause a headache.

One of the bonuses of using the iPhone is the amazing ease with which you can take a HDR photo. Whilst obviously not always as good as being done ‘properly’ (if you’re one of the photographers that considers HDR to be proper at all), it can get good results quite quickly which out worrying about a tripod. As an experiment I tried taking the same shot as above, but with the HDR setting turned on. In this example I don’t think it improves the image; it brings out the detail in the buildings and loses the effect of the silhouette, but I’ll leave you with the image regardless.

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