Sunrise, Sunset

One of the problems I’ve found with this blog is what to do with the one-off images I take from time to time. Some of them end up on my personal blog since they often have a bit of a story or commentary behind them, rather than them existing purely for being a fancy photograph (sometimes, of course, they’re not even a fancy photograph, or indeed a remotely good one).

Some of them, however, I feel deserve to end up on this blog because they are both a) nice photos, and b) otherwise pointless.

The photos below, for instance, are a handful of quite good images I’ve taken on my commutes over the last couple of weeks. Well, not quite a handful, more like three.


Sunset from Richmond Bridge
This image was taken on a moderately epic round-trip home from work last week. As we walked home from Richmond I snapped this one off of the bridge.



Sunset from Twickenham Station
This one was taken on an altogether more successful commute (as evidenced by the fact that I had arrived at the station I had intended to when I left). It has already shown up as an Instagram image in one of my previous collections.



Sunrise at Twickenham Station
Caught this one on the way to work. Unfortunately, like all of the photos in this post, I only had my iPhone on me rather than something with the capacity to zoom, so it is a bit of a distant shot. It did, however, allow me to catch a pigeon mid-flight (and possibly about to have a bit of a crash).

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