Spring Along the Thames

Well, you can’t have a beautiful sunny day like yesterday without me going out with my camera and taking a slightly silly amount of photographs, can you?

It feels like the first day of Spring (although now I’ve said that we’ll get nothing but crap weather till June), exactly six months and one day after the last decent day of 2010 (I know this as Friday was my six month anniversary, and the day Holly and I got married was pretty much the last day we had in this country where you didn’t need a coat).

Holly and I went for a walk into Twickenham, and found ourselves strolling to the river to find an impressive Spring tide had blurred the edges between river and car park. We continued on into the gardens of York House, where we encountered a lovely array of flora and fauna, and some impressive wildlife to boot. The last time we visited York House Gardens last autumn I hadn’t brought my camera with me (the last time I made that mistake, I should add) and I made up for that and more by snapping almost 450 photos.

As ever, I’ve gone through the shots and picked none but the very best for you fine people. Below are the 76 photos that made the cut (although I should add the squirrels we encountered were so amazing they’ve earnt a post of their own).

And, as always, I welcome your comments and criticism.

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