In case you haven’t noticed, there’s rather a bright moon out there this evening. It has been dubbed the “supermoon”; I’m not sure if that’s by sciency-type people who know it’s the closest full moon to the earth in almost two decades, or the idiots (I believe they prefer to be referred to as ‘astrologers’) who seem to think this closeness of the moon is what caused, amongst other things, the Japan Earthquake (I sometimes forget that I try not to use this blog for that sort of commentary. Whoops).

Having been in a snapping mood today (I am also prepping another post of over 100 images I took earlier today – that one will be along soon), and it being a wonderfully clear night, I figured I’d go outside and have a go at photographing the moon.

This is the first time I’ve attempted lunar photography – or any kind of stellar photography for that matter – so the results are a little so-so. The main issue I encountered was, despite the moon being bigger in the sky than usual, the problem of the moon’s inability to fill the frame, even with a 250mm lens. Some of the photographs in this set have been cropped to enlarge the moon. At least one has been cropped so severely it is now effectively only a one megapixel image – but the moon does fill the frame nicely.

Take a look, and remember, the moon is out there as I type if you want to see it for yourselves!


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3 thoughts on “Supermoon

  1. Rob please remember to add a reference when taking the picture or otherwise it will look like any picture of the moon and not the MEGA MOON! that is a massive moon!!


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