March of the Squirrels

Whilst strolling around York House Gardens the other day, we encountered quite a number of astoundingly tame squirrels, who would come up and eat out of your hand, if you’d cared to actually bring anything edible with you.

The photographs of these squirrels I managed to get were so impressive, I felt they deserved their own post. There is quite a variety of shots here, from closeups to action shots, with all kinds of lighting going on as the sun began to set.

It was amazing how close these squirrels would get; it led to some rather good images, even though I say so myself. I’m actually rather proud of this set (I’m sure you can tell), hopefully you’ll soon see why.

As ever, I welcome your feedback.


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7 thoughts on “March of the Squirrels

  1. Your squirrel shaking hands is so unusual and really cute. They are not so friendly like that here. I like the one you caught mid air too. They are so darn fast, this was a great capture.


    1. Cheers!

      My wife was with me as I was shooting (it is her being greeted by the squirrel), but had wandered off, so she was a little startled when I suddenly yelled out “YES!” when I saw on the screen that I’d managed to capture the squirrel in mid-air!


  2. Awe… so cute! I enjoyed the slide-show too. Thanks!


    1. Cheers. I do tend to return here, I love to photograph squirrels and this is one of the best places I know to do it!


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