Richmond Park in Winter

After a busy Saturday helping the in-laws remove load of junk from their loft (for reasons I can’t entirely fathom they had some of my old A-level text books up there), me and my wife unwound on Sunday with a relaxing bike ride round Richmond Park on a beautiful sunny winter’s day.

In the ensuing 14 miles (including a detour through Kingston and back along the river), we encountered a duck pond (or rather, an aquatic bird pond, but they’re all ducks to me… apart from the swans), some water, and some wonderful wintery views. I love the look of a spindly tree, a blue winter sky, or reflections in the water… and I managed to get all three into some of the pictures.

Below is the 28 best of the almost 100 I took on the day. For those of you used to the Facebook way of browsing photos, click on any one of them and you can scroll through in a way that should be largely familiar to you. Otherwise, there is a fancy automated slideshow below the pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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