Twelve Years

Another year has passed – they start coming and they don’t stop coming. As is customary I like to post a little reflection on the anniversary of me setting up this site, something I did a staggering 12 years ago.

It’s not been a bad year for this site. I published four sets of images, which isn’t as much as I would like but it’s been five years since I posted more than that in a calendar year. The posts were a decent assortment: a bunch of photos from another Rooster Teeth gathering in April, containing a bunch of portraits I’m very proud of; a release of Cornish sunsets from 2018, which are amongst the best sunset photographs I’ve taken; some images from a short trip to a local reservoir; and finally a batch of photos taken during some home experimentation, where I got to mix my hobbies of photography and arson by burning some dandelions.

Unfortunately the posting of Dandelions marked the end of my progress releasing photos, as around that time my trusty computer finally gave up the ghost, and its hard drive failed after 7 years long service. Everything is backed up both locally and online so I’ve not lost anything, but it does leave me currently without a computer, as I stubbornly await the release of updated models before I slap down any of my hard-earned cash. Hopefully that’ll happen in the first quarter of the year and I can get back on a roll of editing and posting photos, which is my reoccurring New Year’s resolution for this site.

As is tradition, I also close out my anniversary posts with a self portrait. Sometimes I accompany that portrait with grand proclamations that the it is somehow representative of my photographic development over the year – which may well be true, but as of late I’ve been largely treading water so it ends up just being a portrait of where I am in life at the moment, or just a record of me ageing. This one is a bit of all of those; it’s from a small portrait shoot I did with my family to produce a decent photograph of the three of us (since so few actually exist, and my mum asked for one for her birthday). I tried to get a few of just me as well, which came out pretty nicely – edited, out of necessity, on my iPad. And what I’m smiling at is my son, now two, standing right next to the camera, threatening to move in the way before the 10-second timer ram down (in fact, you can see a bit of his arm in the original version of the photo).

1/80sec, f/6.3, ISO 100, 24mm

Thank you, as always, for reading.



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  1. Thanks for being here!


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