Instagram #23

It’s been a while since my last Instagram post. Almost a year, in fact. I suppose I did spend almost six months off from this site during that time, so perhaps it’s not that impressive. I also try to keep an arbitrary number of posts between publishing Instagram sets, something which I steadfastly stuck to during the wilderness months, despite knowing I could put out a few ‘easy’ posts during that time to at least make it look like this site wasn’t totally dead.

Although I wasn’t taking many photos with my DSLR during that time, I was still shooting and sharing on Instagram. My general rule is, any decent photograph I take on my phone will end up only being released via Instagram (although that might change soon, as Lightroom Mobile now shoots raw files on the iPhone, although I haven’t had much of a chance to play with that yet).

This batch of images includes a bit of an assortment. There’s some familiar themes, such as cats and London transport, but a few aerial shots of Cornwall and some interesting pictures of Dorset are added to the mix, as well as the final photograph of my old iMac before Apple took it away and gave me a new one.

I actually have a few posts worth of images from Instagram ready for sharing. You’ll see another batch as soon as an arbitrarily defined number of posts have been published.

And as always, if you like these you can check out the previous 22 instalments from my Instagram collection.

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