Instagram #19

Despite having a new phone so the images I take for Instagram (which, for me, are almost without exception shot with my iPhone camera) aren’t sullied by purple spots and dark splotches I’m still not using the service a huge amount lately. Not in comparison to times past. That said, I am using it more after a bit of a lapse earlier this year.

I was already planing to post an Instagram medley today when yesterday I got a bit snap happy whilst tube hopping, and now the results of those shots make up the majority of this collection. These underground shots were largely inspired by my friend Catherine who visited the abandoned Aldwych Tube Station a couple of weeks ago and came back with some inspiring pictures (if you look at those and compare them to some of the ones below I think the inspiration is pretty obvious). It turns out, Kennington station on a Monday afternoon is pretty quiet, and on the day I passed through lacking entirely in advertising giving a great abandoned and people-free feeling.

So amongst this set (a traditional nine images as ever), you’ll find a rainy Port of Dover, a self portrait in a bin lid, late afternoon sun at Twickenham Stadium, a stunning sunrise, and the five shots from the London Underground.

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4 thoughts on “Instagram #19

  1. Nice set of images, Rob… I particularly like the train ones… Underground Instagram Wombling free….


    1. Ha! Thanks CK, I’m really pleased with the Underground shots too. So nice to have a phone camera that isn’t splotchy and purple!


      1. You’re speaking to somebody with an iPhone 3GS – 1MB camera… ANYthing would be better than that! 😀


        1. Now now, the original iPhone had a 2MP camera and you could get pretty decent results from it considering. The 3GS is 3MP, I believe.


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