1/160sec, f/4, ISO 2500, 24mm

We’re at that point in 2014 when we all look at our calendars and realise that, somehow, it is already June. We shouldn’t feel too ashamed; it seems mother nature isn’t paying attention either and the weather isn’t quite caught up to the season yet. As you might have noticed, May got away from me a bit too. I spent the first week putting together a longish post, and then managed to disappear for almost the entirety of the month not really doing anything, until I suddenly realised May was almost over and I’d better get on with things. In my defence, I somehow managed to get sick again a couple of times in May which hasn’t entirely helped matters.

1/200sec, f/4, ISO 3200, 45mm

The first post of the month was one of my most important to date, because it marks my first ‘job’ post – the first time I’ve been actually been paid to go shooting. Pretty unsurprisingly, it was a Greenwood Theatre group that I shot for free last year that were the first to be prepared to pay for my to take photographs for them (and obviously many thanks need to go to my friend Catherine, who is the Greenwood Theatre manager, for facilitating everything). I took over 1,300 pictures of the actual event, of which I deemed a little over 500 to be good enough to make the cut. It took a couple of weeks to edit them – something that I definitely need to improve on – and then wanted to wait until they were delivered, approved and paid for before sharing them with the world here and on Flickr. I’m actually really pleased with the images, they came out better than my first trip to the Dance Show, and the group were really pleased with them too. Hopefully they’ll invite me back next year because I really enjoy shooting this show.

1/320sec, f/4, ISO 160, 105mm

Most of the interim of the month was spent by me being ill, or photographing. The main shooting trip I went on in the month was a photo walk with a friend of mine to the hipster wildlands of Brick Lane. This one involved wandering about some markets doing some street photography with a group of like-minded photographers. This is the first time I’ve been on a photo walk like this (although I’ve obviously gone on photography wanders with friends before) and I’m pleased with the images I got. I’ll definitely go on more of these. That was the last post of the month, as I managed to squeeze it out just before the month ended.

In the old days, this point in my weekly reports would be reserved for discussing the traffic I’ve gotten on this blog. I don’t really bother with that any more, but I do want to point out that my Flickr passed 100,000 total all-time hits during May, which seems like a decent milestone to hit and make note of.

I’ve been doing some preparations in the month. I have a decent queue of images building up again so in theory I’ve no shortage of posts to publish. I just need to get back into the routine of writing again.

Thanks, as ever, for reading.

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