Quick Sunset

One reoccurring motif that’s happened quite a bit over the last couple of months is things taking place outside my window whilst I’m working on this blog. Back in May I had a visit from Dave the Angry Bee, who spent a good five minutes buzzing at a window trying to find his way out. June saw the distraction of a squirrel poking around in the daisies whilst I was trying to edit photographs.

During one evening last week whilst I was working on editing my photographs from London Fashion Weekend, I noticed the natural light floating through the window turning distinctly more orange, and looked out to see a lovely sunset in the offing, complete with a nice lens flare through the trees.

Having practised taking more interesting sunsets using HDR in Cornwall a week or so prior (the results of which will be coming soon), I decided to snap a few exposures and see how they turned out. The final shot I picked deliberately included some of the window frame and dirt on the window, partly because I thought it added an interesting context to the image, but mostly because I couldn’t open the window to shoot out of it because the kittens might have escaped.

f/29, ISO 640, 31mm (HDR)
f/29, ISO 640, 31mm (HDR)

The couple of sunsets I shot in Cornwall, meanwhile, look a little more traditional. But I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer for those because I’ve not quite finished editing all of them yet.

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