Instagram #15

It’s time, once again, for another trip to my pile of choice Instagram images to display some for your delectation.

It’s been a bit of an interesting time for Instagram. they made the news late last year over proposed changes to their terms of use that seemed to say they would have the freedom to sell users’ images without giving said user a penny. Instagram have since relented and changed their minds about changing the terms, but damage was done and user numbers are reportedly down. It knocked me for a bit too; for almost a month after it all I didn’t use the service, and until they relented I was seriously considering deleting my account.

It took a flurry of snow for me return to using the service with any regularity. Since then I’ve gone a little bit crazy, sharing images of snow, trains and all sorts.


Despite the quantity, I’ve been pretty pleased with the quality of the Instagramming I’ve been doing, putting me in a similar position with my Instagram images as I am with all of my other images: backlogsville. So, much like my other images, I’m posting in the order that appeals most, rather than sticky to any sort of chronology.

As always, if you like these images, then you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or my Tumblr which contains a selection of my Instagram shots.

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