Two Years

Today is Creative Splurges‘ second birthday.

It’s been quite an interesting two years. I feel I’ve come quite a long way from the photographer – and indeed, person – I was two years ago. Had you told me when I started this blog that within two years I’d be taking images of the quality I have in the last few months, I’m not sure I’d have believed you. This blog was not started with such lofty intentions; it was just a vessel to encourage me to be a bit more creative.

Since then, Creative Splurges has grown to almost 300 followers, and photography – not intended to be the primary focus of this blog – has moved from being a little side hobby to something I’d love to do for a career. For now, I’m still shooting for the love of shooting; photographing in all sorts of genres until I find a niche to call my own. I’m not planning on settling down just yet, however.

But all of this would not be possible without your feedback, in the form of ‘likes’, comments or interaction on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook. So thank you for being a part of this blog, and I hope you continue to enjoy the content I create over the next few years.


P.S. It’s traditional for me to post a self portrait on January 14th on this blog. This year’s is my most flattering yet:

I'm an idiot.

5 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Congratulations on 2 years! 😀


    1. Thanks CK! Here’s to many more!

      (at this point please imagine I’m holding aloft a drink of some ilk. It helps create the scene)


  2. Keep up the good work. Love the portrait! 🙂


    1. Thanks Wendy. Glad you like the portrait, although I was going for a ‘face only a mother could love’ look.


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