Random Kingston

1/320sec, f/22, ISO 2000, 18mm

From time to time I find myself in Kingston. Sometimes I’m just shopping, sometimes I’m visiting friends, sometimes I’m just passing through. More often than not these days, however, I’ll have my camera on me, and will grab random images on my way. Usually these are isolated enough to not warrant their own post, so I’m throwing them together here for your enjoyment. Assuming you enjoy that sort of thing.

The image above is not a true HDR; it is using my old technique of splitting a single exposure into three versions, and adjusting two of those versions to be over-and under-exposed, respectively, by one or two stops. It works pretty well in bringing out detail lost to the default exposure setting, so I enjoy making use of it from time to time. As for the f/22 setting, well I must’ve been shooting something else previously, because it wasn’t deliberate (indeed, I  spent a while wondering why I was needing such a high ISO outside. I mean, it was a cloudy day, which I put it down to, but still…). The small aperture, however, has added to the shot because it’s meant that the sailing boat in the background is mostly in focus.

This next image is of a pleasure boat of some kind poodling down the Thames. This was the day after the big Jubilee River Pageant, and there were a lot of boats making their way back from central London along the river.

1/250sec, f/5, ISO 250, 53mm

By this point decorations were already being put into place for the Olympics, starting with some bunting along Kingston Bridge.

1/1600sec, f/3.5, ISO 100, 100mm

Outside of the Bentall Centre, Kingston’s big multi-floor shopping complex, are some interesting, supposedly period architectural features.

1/640sec, f/2.8, ISO 100, exposure bias +0.67, 100mm

This final shot is probably my favourite of this set; it’s not technically taken in Kingston, but on the bus out of Kingston.

1/200sec, f/3.5, ISO 100, exposure bias +1.0 18mm

I often find that some of my favourite images end up being isolated, individual shots that were taken completely randomly. The problem with that is those images often don’t often get a post of their own and end up languishing on my hard drive. Since I posted a short compilation of random images last year I’ve tried to minimise that, however, with the Quickies category (indeed, with the backlog clearing exercise I’m currently working on, there are a few short, few-image posts in the pipeline).

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