A Quick Sunset

Ah, April. It isn’t renowned for its showers for nothing. So far this week we’ve had sunny days punctuated with random heavy downpours, as is traditionally the way with this month.

The upshot of this is that, if the rainclouds begin to disperse at the right time of day, you can get some fantastic sights as the sun sets.

The other day as I was arriving home I saw such a sunset was in process, and tried to find a decent vantage point to capture it. Which ultimately led me to my local supermarket car park.

1/2000sec, f/9, ISO 500, 36mm

As you can see, from this vantage point I still had a pretty bad view of the horizon where all the action was. The problem with after work shooting – especially when I’ve already made the journey home – is that I’m usually starving and don’t have the energy to trek out too far to get a shot. If I did, I would head out on my bike to the reasonably nearby but also extremely uphill Richmond Hill, which would be a fantastic vantage point for this sort of sunset. Without the benefit of food, however, I’m not sure I’d make the trip without passing out.

I moved around a bit trying to get a bit of a better angle but didn’t get much better results, although I did try a few different levels of zoom, some subtly different angles and different exposure settings. The handful of shots I took are in the gallery below.

I was shooting at 500 ISO, by the way, because that’s what I was shooting on last and I’m an idiot and forgot to check it. Hasn’t made for much noise however so I got away with it this time.

Hopefully there will be a few more opportunities to grab sunsets like this; maybe I’ll be able to make it to Richmond Hill on one of those occasions.


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