Portraits: Addendum

So anyway, whilst I was procrastinating yesterday evening and looking around my photo library waiting for the inspiration to write up my next few posts, I was a bit peeved to discover a few great shots that would’ve fitted fantastically with the ‘Portraits‘ post I published on Thursday.

Since that post is still pretty fresh, and I’m not sure how long it will be until I will be putting out another portrait-related post, I’ve decided to just put the three images here in a post for you.

Also, my wife would like it noted that the shots of her in this post are far, far better than the one that made it into the last post, which was, she says, actually quite a rubbish picture of her (those aren’t, strictly speaking, the exact words she used, but you get the idea).

1/320sec, f/4.5, ISO 100, exposure bias -0.33, 36mm

1/60sec, f/1.8, ISO 100, exposure bias -1.67 (+1.18), 50mm

That last shot is irritatingly a tad out of focus. This is actually a photo from last July, when I hadn’t long had my current camera, and (as you can see from the exposure bias) I was still very hesitant (or perhaps forgetful?) of nudging the ISO at all, and so was trying to force the camera into a slower shutter speed the idiot’s way instead of increasing the sensitivity and getting a better image. Oh well, it hasn’t turned out all that badly.

This last image is another of my mum, taken far more recently, so I knew I could push the ISO to get the result.

1/200sec, f/3.5, ISO 2500, exposure bias -1.0, 50mm (cropped)

This has reminded me that I need to go through the photo library on my computer again to both clear out the gumpf and see if there are any other hidden gems that I’ve taken but forgotten about.

The two posts I was procrastinating over, by the way, will be along in the next few days. Or so.

2 thoughts on “Portraits: Addendum

  1. I love the pose and the expression in the first shot; the bokeh and “soft focus” in the second; and the texture in the third. The way your mom’s face is highlit amonst all of that shadow detail is great!


    1. Thanks! Now you know why I was a bit pissed to find them only a few days after making that last post!

      I am very pleased how that shot of my mum came out; it’s almost as sharp and defined as the last shot of my main portraits post (not quite, but it’s getting there).


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