Introducing the Daily Photo

It’s the start of a new year, and with it, as ever, comes a hangover and a ridiculous mess in your flat, no matter how few people you had round for New Year’s Eve.

With the start of this particular new year, however, comes something new from Creative Splurges.

For a while I’ve been toying with the idea of moving beyond the somewhat sporadic posting that I do on this blog, and actually posting something every day, as an example of work done previously. I do sometimes use the From the Vaults categories to fill a hole when I have something old I want to release or when I haven’t posted for a little while, but the amount of single items worthy of posting has always been relatively sparse – certainly not enough to post frequently.

What I do have, however, is a big back-catalogue of images. Thousands of them. Certainly enough of a high enough quality to post one a day.

So, I’ve decided to launch a new project, called The Daily Photo – or to give it its full title, The Daily Photo from Creative Splurges. That last bit is important as it is not being hosted on this blog, I’ve started a whole new site for it.

The reason for this is simple: the appearance of Creative Splurges is, much like its content, more multifaceted; the blog has to deal not just with photographs but with a lot of text, as well as video from time to time. Whilst I feel this is the best all-round compromise for the material on this site, it is not the best for showing off photographs.

This is not the case for The Daily Photo. The appearance of that blog has been chosen with the photograph in mind; it puts the image front and centre, and even automatically posts the EXIF data in a handy corner. In fact, it all looks a bit like this:

(with apologies to any readers whose own blog uses the same theme, who are presumably more than clear on its virtues. I should also add, the image above is a sneak preview, that image won’t be going live for a while yet)

My hope for this new blog is that it will highlight some of my images that might have been overlooked when they were posted here. It will also showcase some images taken before Creative Splurges was founded.

For me, the big thing is that I have set myself the task of a post a day. Since my record for ‘Splurges is 10 in a month, this could potentially be a big ask, although obviously posting just a single photograph rather than the photo essays I usually post makes this a bit easier.

The Daily Photo officially launches today, so go take a look (there is obviously currently only one image posted, this being day one). Even better, subscribe via email and get a new photograph every day in your inbox. I’ve also added an RSS feed into the side panel so you can click through directly from here. Most importantly, please leave comments on the blog. I am still a learning photographer and any feedback at all is welcomed and encouraged.

Silly me, here I am babbling on about this new blog, and I haven’t even given out the address yet. The Daily Photo is now live over at Go take a look!


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