Another Sunrise

The sun is rising again. It’s amazing that, no matter how many times it does it, we never cease to be awed by an impressive sunrise or sunset. It’s almost as if, somewhere deep in the recesses of our minds, there is the slight fear that maybe, just maybe, this one could be the last one.

As winter rolls in, it’s getting to that time of year that sunrises and sunsets are happening just as I travel to, and eventually from, work. The downside to this is that I will usually only have my iPhone on me to take a snap, and even on the very rare occasion I might be taking my ‘real’ camera into work I’ll have a train to catch and won’t necessarily have time to grab my DSLR out of my bag to take a picture.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there was a sunset this morning that looked pretty and I only had my iPhone to take a picture of it.


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