Random gems

One of the problems I sometimes face with this blog is the abstract photos – the ones that don’t quite fit with anything else.

Sometimes these will be images that simply do not fit in with the rest of the set in which they were taken. Other times, I’ll only take a couple of photos whilst out somewhere and won’t feel I have enough material for a post.

Unfortunately, some of my favourite photographs I’ve taken slip into this category. So, I figured it would be fitting to ensure they’re seen here, where they’d get a slightly higher billing, rather than just quietly appearing in my ‘favourite photos’ page over on rob-howard.com.

The first few, however, predate this blog – but I felt they are worthy of a highlight, not least because they are each part of a set that would be too small for a post of their own had this blog been around then.

The first one was snapped in Bushy Park almost two years ago, and is the ‘classic’ Bushy Park shot:

Exposure 1/60sec, f/5, ISO 100

This was snapped near Richmond, on the Thames; a heron hunting.

Exposure 1/500sec, f/10, ISO 400

This is a shot from Peveril Point in Swanage, Dorset, taken last summer:

Exposure 1/640sec, f/14, ISO 100

This one I snapped whilst on a short bike ride out to Teddington Lock earlier this month; another from the ‘desktop images’ collection.

Exposure 1/500sec, f/5.6, ISO 100, exposure +1.43 in post

I also snapped this image of my wife whilst sitting in the same spot:

Exposure 1/640sec, f/5.6, ISO 100

And, again in the same spot, this shot of a man on a bench:

Exposure 1/800sec, f/5.6, ISO 100, exposure +1.23 in post

The latter image is actually a bit of a turning point for me – it is one of the first times I decided how I was going to post-process the image before I pushed the shutter.

I’ve realised that I don’t need a big set of images (like my recent Around Twickenham post which contained over 40 images) in order to make a post on this blog, so I might not feel the need to make another post like this. We’ll see. But even so, it’s nice to finally give these images some deserved attention.

6 thoughts on “Random gems

  1. im just about to go travelling but i love dorset 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comments!

      Oh yes, Dorset is one of my favourite places in the world. I love it to pieces.

      I have plenty more images from Dorset in this post:



  2. Short though it may be, this has some of my favorite shots of yours in it. I love the heron shot (and you even knew what kind of bird it was). You could wait days to get a shot like that. Or a lifetime. And, you are starting to previsualize. This, of course, was Ansel Adams’s whole thing and what makes him still relevant even in the digital world. Maybe more so, as there are more choices. Nice work!


    1. Cheers, really appreciate it.

      Regarding the heron – a lifetime you say? Makes me feel bad, then, as that shot is the best of four such shots I had a chance to take on that occasion:



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