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This would just be a random image to make things look a bit nicer.

I’m still experimenting a little with the best way of displaying my images on this blog, and to be honest I really have no idea which is the best way to do it.

I recently changed the format of my photography posts on this blog, as anyone who pays attention to such things will have noticed.

In my old format, I would have a short introduction followed by a gallery of images – this post being a prime example. My preparation for such posts would usually involve going through all of the photographs I had taken making the usual adjustments, then selecting the ones I really liked and uploading them, before going through adding (occasionally) amusing captions. As the gallery contained all of the images, they were all seen and all given the same sort of attention.

Recently, however, I’ve realised that this format leaves the posts looking a bit rushed. Looking at other posts about photography, they all seem to have been created with a little more care and attention.

So, in my last two posts, I’ve begun experimenting with a new format which allows for a little more creative freedom in actually explaining the images, as well as putting the best of the photo selection front and centre to get more attention. The downside is that the posts take significantly longer to put together, and I seem to only display about half of the images I had selected for the blog, with the other half being relegated to a slideshow at the end of the post – such as my most recent entry.

Personally, despite the extra effort, I prefer the posts in the ‘new’ format. But what do you think? In order to make it simple (as well as try out some of the features of this blog), let’s do this as a poll. As ever, your input is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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