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My wife and I often find ourselves in Bushy Park. It’s the closest park to us and not quite as uphill to get to as the larger and more well-known Richmond Park. It’s also a little more cycle friendly, at least going by the lack of evil looks and daft pedestrians compared to some of our visits to Richmond. It still amazes me that you can find somewhere so close to London that still offers views of nothing but green, as seen in this 360 panorama I captured with my iPhone.

As we headed out there on Monday, determined to get some fresh air on the bank holiday weekend, I must admit to not having high hopes of coming back with many interesting pictures. Having spent quite a while over the last few months going out and taking (hopefully) interesting photographs for this blog, I’ve covered a fair amount and, truth be told, am running out of new things in my local to point my camera at – or at least, new things I know about. My only slim hope for coming back with anything interesting on this trip was a water feature I’d seen on Bushy Park’s Wikipedia article which, given it was Wikipedia, could just as easily have been in Yosemite – or Narnia, for all I knew.

So then, image my surprise when, after only about ten minutes of cycling round the pathways, we came across this sight:

What is that? Gazelles? A flock of jaundiced zebras? Let’s take a closer look.

Oh, of course. Deer! It is, after all, a Royal Park, and we all know how the royals enjoy eating random animals. We were so perplexed by these animals in the water (and their photo opportunities) that we missed a pretty sizable herd behind them.

Looking back at these images, it’s almost possible to believe they were taken on a safari somewhere (had I played about with the colours a little more, perhaps I could have fooled you).

Also, for once it was nice to not be the only weirdo with a camera.

Now, as any regular readers of this blog will know, there are a few photographic elements that I’m rather partial to. Two of them are reflections and water – I especially love capturing a good reflection…

…or splashes of water, frozen in time…

… things which these deer were only too happy to oblige me with.

I mentioned I wasn’t the only loon with a camera, right?

Two of the things I love about a zoom lens is the ability to get really close to a subject, and the extremely shallow depth of focus you can achieve.

I really enjoy wildlife photography. There is something about the unpredictable nature of animals that means that you might get a once-in-a-lifetime shot that some professionals would kill for. It’s not like, say, scenery or architecture photography, where you have plenty of time to get the aperture, focus and shutter speed just right, and if you still struggle, hey, there’s always tomorrow.

OK, I did crank up the contrast a bit on that one to bring out the water droplets and the deer’s coat.

One of the other enjoyable things about wildlife photography is the slight risk that something will suddenly take a run at you.

Finally, there were a good few other opportunities for snapping happy deer splashing around in the water… here is the best of the best, followed by a slideshow of the rest of the best.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the way, I’m experimenting here a little with a different post format – let me know what you think. No, seriously. Why does no-one ever believe me when I say that?

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