Bushy Park

It looked like it was going to be a sunny day this morning, so we jumped on our bikes and headed over to Bushy Park. Bushy Park is much like Richmond Park, only it is: a) closer; b) flatter; and c) not Richmond Park so we might see some different photos.

As it turns out, although there are some familiar looking photographs in this lineup, most of them are not. The deer in Bushy Park seem far more tame, and more eager to pose for an interesting photo or two.

Unfortunately our trip was cut a little short by a biting wind and the onset of some rain, but I still managed to take no less than 208 photos, the best of which are below in the usual slideshow/gallery format.

Enjoy, and as ever I welcome comments and criticism.


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2 thoughts on “Bushy Park

  1. Nice pics Rob. Keep up the good work.
    I like Bushy park so much that I am there every Saturday morning.. Well mostly for the Bushy Park 5k run 😉 Just wish we see Sun more often there. Looking good for tomorrow.. as yet.


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