Seven Years

Every year on January 14th I like to mark the anniversary of this site with a few comments and a ‘selfie’ (yes I still treat that like it isn’t a real word) that somehow represents the development I’ve made over the last year.

This year is going to have to be a little different. I’ve not posted here since October, even eschewing my usual end-of-year post due to the low volume of content in 2017, and truth be told I didn’t even realise that the Creative Splurges anniversary was upon us until late this afternoon.

I’m not going to go too far into why this has happened, but in short a lot of the autumn was taken up by a new position at work, and then 2017 ended on a real bum note that has carried over into 2018 and meant that my attention has been with my family. I can’t really blame this stuff too much; it’s not like I was being that active in the latter half of the year, save for my little trip to RTX London in October (which at least is a post I’m very proud of). The main problem has been editing and writing – I have several decent sets shot but either unedited or edited but not written up. My goal for 2017 was to get back into shooting and writing. I guess that needs to be my goal for 2018 too.

Regardless, thank you for reading.

1 thought on “Seven Years

  1. Happy anniversary, and best wishes to you and yours, Rob. 🙂


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