Instagram #20

I still use Instagram in fits and starts. Splurges, if you will. Arguably creative ones. I often have the habit of photographing something with my iPhone and only sitting down to upload it to Instagram some time after the fact (I continue to use the service pretty much exclusively for images shot on my phone; I rarely upload anything shot with my DSLR. I don’t see the point, personally). As a result, the images in this set are from last November to January.

If you’re new to this blog, I like to group together some of my favourite images I’ve uploaded to my Instagram feed into sets of nine, and share them in posts here. This is the twentieth such post – check out the previous nineteen if you like what you see, or you could even follow me if you are that way inclined.

As is traditional, there’s a bit of an assortment here, but some familiar themes are present: public transport and cats being the two key ones, although this set also includes a couple of stunning sunsets, a London scene and a relaxed wife.

Ironically considering Instagram’s original selling point, I find I’m using filters less and less in the app. It’s actually now my favourite mobile photo editor generally, its auto-enhance feature works better than iOS’s built-in one, and the other editing options, such as sharpening, vignette, shadows and the likes are all easily accessible and quick to edit to where you want it (the iPhone’s Photos app, and most other apps for image editing, are all similarly lacking in that regard). But after making all those adjustments, adding a filter often just seems to detract from that work. Much like when I process images from my SLR in Lightroom, only a small percentage of images warrant a creative filter (unless you count monochrome).

Anyway, set twenty is below. Enjoy.

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