Instagram #14

When I sat down to compile this, the fourteenth sup at my well of Instagram images, I was surprised to see that not only was my last Instagram post over two months ago, but the images it contained were themselves two months old at the time. As I crawled back to pick up where I left off, my usual technique for compiling an Instagram set, I backtracked past numerous images, going past all of the good stuff that is yet to come. That is in no way to demean the images in this set. Quite the opposite, in fact: when I compile these sets I go through them chronologically, picking out the ones worthy of showing and releasing them in batches of nine. I’m just letting you know, Instagram #15 will be ready to go as soon as I need some shameless post-filling.

This is another great set that I’m proud of. There’s a final shot from during the Olympics, as a woman in London takes a snapshot of the Olympic Rings floating on the Thames. There’s a few shots from around London, there’s an image of me looking like a knob (as usual) and a shot of my wife relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon with her iPad.

Shameless plug: if you like this lot, then you can follow me on Instagram by clicking on my shiny new Instagram badge in the “Me, Elsewhere” section of the right sidebar, or clicking this link (which ultimately takes you to the same place), or visit my Tumblr, which contains a nice medley of Creative Splurgesthe Daily Photo and my Instagram images all pooled into one page of nothing but images for ease of viewing. I actually really love that Tumblr, and I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves.

2 thoughts on “Instagram #14

  1. Great set of shots… Sometime life just passes us by…


  2. petit4chocolatier December 2, 2012 — 2:25 am

    Great photos!


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