Random Olympic Images

1/500sec, f/2.8, ISO 100, 100mm

One thing I have tried to do over the last fortnight – admittedly not very well or in any great depth – is capture a few different images of the Olympics, such as the spectators or the incredible GamesMakers.

Ultimately, I found the physical demands of shooting the sports themselves draining enough that hanging around afterwards was often difficult if not impossible. It, for me, is a bit of a shame, as it has been truly, truly amazing to see so many people from so many countries in the city. It’s technically like that most of the time, of course, but I was great to see those people wearing their nationality on their sleeve with such pride.

It wasn’t just the foreigners; the proud flag-waving of the British people, not just in the crowds at the events but out of windows, off of cars, on shirts and hats. It’s been indescribable. And I’ve not been able to capture most of it.

However, what I have managed to get is not too bad, so here it is.

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