Greenwood Theatre Photography

Every show is worth remembering.

Your show is going to be special, that is a given, but what you need is someone who can encapsulate that for posterity and knows how to show off your production to the best of its potential.

I have been involved in photographing the Greenwood Theatre since 2012 (my work currently adorns the walls of the theatre foyer) and have shot a number of highly varied productions to date. From Shakespeare through Fame to Bollywood dance numbers, each has its own unique style and challenges to deal with to successfully capture the spirit of your show.

I offer a professional service with competitive rates specially for student societies. No matter what you are looking for just pop me an email and I will be happy to discuss and help you plan to make sure your show will be captured exactly how you want it – whether you want shots just of the show, behind the scenes setup shots, or something else entirely.

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If you’re interested in hiring me to shot your show, drop me an email, fill out the form below, or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.


I offer three tiers of pricing that should meet most budgets.

Tier I – £75 – One Hour
For this option I will shoot the first hour of your show or full dress rehearsal, sort and edit the photos and make them available to you as digital files in a resolution of your choice up to the original resolution of the photos. This is a slightly cheaper option for more restricted budgets but obviously you won’t have any images from anything that happens after that first hour. If yours is a show where all the characters are onstage during that period then this might work for you.

Tier II – £100 – Whole Show
This level is much the same as Tier I but I will shoot your whole show from curtain up to the final curtain.

Tier III – £150 – Whole Show & Setup/Behind the Scenes
This option is possibly better done on a rehearsal day, depending on your schedule. I’ll arrive before the show whilst things are still being set up and shoot some behind-the-scenes shots including anywhere you’ll let me, such as backstage, in the wings, or in the control room at the back. I’ll also shot your entire rehearsal from start to finish.

I can either shoot one of your actual shows, or a full dress rehearsal. The latter brings the advantages that I have the free range of the Theatre to move through without disturbing paying ticket holders and, equally, them getting in the way, meaning I can get a wider range of shots; you might consider that the former may be lacking the energy and intensity of performing in front of a live audience.


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